Mission  of  the  month 

As a church we support a number of Christian mission organisations that do
important work in serving God locally, nationally and internationally.

We support them all by praying for one each month during our church services.

During the month of January we are focusing on “ Good News for Everyone ! ” (formerly known as Gideons UK).
They believe that The Bible is a book primarily about God’s revelation of himself to mankind and his relationship with people.  It is not just a book of history, but its accounts of God’s dealings with individuals and nations are as relevant to the modern world as they have been to every age since they were written.  So, they distribute free Bibles to Hospitals, Care Homes and Hospices; Schools, Colleges and Universities; Hotels, Hostels and B & B’s; Public Services (eg. Police and Ambulance Service); Prisons and Clubs. 
More information about “Good news for Everyone” can be found on their website: 
( click on  
https://goodnewsuk.com/ )