Bible  Study  and  Prayer

on Wednesday mornings

Although we are not able to meet together in the church,
as we used to do,
the Bible Studies have been continuing every week.
This has been by issuing an email every Wednesday morning
to people who wish to receive them.
This has been happening since the start of the first Lockdown
starting on 18th March 2020.
We have completed 6 series (50 Bible Studies) so far: 
The Beatitudes, the “I am” sayings of Jesus,
“You are” sayings, the Kingdom Parables,
and "Images of the Messiah".

We also have had a Christmas special:  "Immanuel - God with us",
followed by a series 
"Responses to Christmas".
Currently we are in the middle of a series entitled:
"The seven 'Last Words' of Jesus from the Cross"

If you would like to receive these studies each week,
please contact Roy Buchanan (
and let him have your email address.
If you do sign up, you may change your mind at any time
– simply ask Roy to stop sending emails to you.