Frant  Church  News  20th March 2020


Dear Church Family,

Welcome to our new weekly Newsletter from St. Alban's Frant!
This was always something I was wanting to do but in the latest crisis will become essential for keeping in touch during the next few months.

As you all have seen and are experiencing, life in the last few days has changed dramatically, a change unprecedented in recent memories.  The coronavirus outbreak is clearly a real concern to our society, economy and health.  The way in which we work together in reducing exposure risk and come together in support of each other will be key over the next few weeks.  The whole of humanity has a common enemy, and for once our enemy is not each other – my prayer is that we might unite in peace to fight it together and look to God for his aid, strength and salvation through this.

One of the ways in which we are containing and delaying this virus is that all Church of England services have been suspended.  The impact of this cannot be overstated.  Worship has happened in our church every Sunday since it was built through suffering and even war, Christians have met for prayer and worship.  For churches across the country where weekly worship has happened for centuries, doors will be closed, for the first time ever, to gathering on the Lord's day for worship.  This decision to suspend services shows the seriousness of what we face together.

Yet be assured, our worship has not, and will not cease!  I (or a member of our ministry team) will, on behalf of us all, pray and worship in our churches every Sunday, even though others cannot be there.  We are working out ways to continue looking to God's guidance in the scriptures, lifting hearts to God in prayer and praise, and serving our community.  The ways in which we do this may be detached but no less worshipful.

What we can do this week:

  • The church will continue to be open daily for personal prayer.
  • The archbishop will be sharing a service on Sunday all local BBC radio stations 8am. Available later on BBC sounds.
  • Make sure we have your latest contact details – fill out our contact form:Keep in touch with Frant Church.docx 
  • Follow our facebook page for updates – search "Frant church"
  • Follow our Instagram if that's what you do… search "Frant church"
  • Join our whatsapp group – fill out our contact form:Keep in touch with Frant Church.docx 
  • Brendan will make a weekly video to help us to look to God each Sunday on Youtube and across social media.
  • Ed will have Sunday school material available for families to look at together on the same theme.
  • Continue with personal prayer and devotion following our lent course – download the app here:
  • We are creating a Coronavirus Community Care Group to help those isolated – contact Roy Buchanan to become a supporter or to ask for help – details here:Coronavirus community support group.docx 
  • Ring someone you think might be isolated and ask if they want help from our Community Care Group – you could be the person that buddies with them.
  • We are encouraging everyone to support the archbishops initiative to put a candle in your window at 7pm Sunday as a sign of solidarity in prayer.
  • Continue to give to our Food Bank, it is easy to forget those whose needs right now are increased, see here:

Prayers for your continued health and strength as we endure this crisis together,

-Rev Brendan

Rev Brendan Martin
(Rector of Frant with Eridge)
The Rectory,
Church Lane,
01892 752003