Wheelchair Access to St Alban's Church

We are very pleased to say that St Alban's Church is accessible by wheelchair.

There are no ramps to negotiate – and there are no steps by the main doors to the church.  
For services and organised events in church, someone will be on hand to ensure that the main doors (double doors) are both open, in order to allow the width for people to go through on their wheelchairs.  However, at other times when the church is open to the public, it is just about possible to squeeze through one side of the double doors.  Once inside the church, the aisles are a comfortable width for wheelchairs, so there shouldn't be any problems.
One thing to bear in mind, though ......   
The main entrance into the churchyard is through a lychgate.  There is a step up from the pavement at this entrance.  However, this can be by-passed, by taking a path with no steps, as follows:

This path is to the left of the churchyard as you look at the front of the building.
It starts as the drive which leads to The Stables (our church hall).  A few yards past the pergola (which is immediately on the right as you enter the drive) a path goes up to the right.  This is a sloping path, which takes you into the churchyard and then round to the right towards the main doors of the church.  Although it is sloping, it is a fairly gentle incline.

This is a photo of the entrance to the drive leading to The Stables, on the left of the churchyard, as you face the church. 

The pergola can be seen just above the wall on the right.  On the left of this photo, there is one parking bay (with the small blue sign) for blue badge holders.  Usually this is empty, so it's worth having a look to see if you can get parked there.  The path into the churchyard is almost directly across the drive from that parking bay. 
We hope this is helpful.
However, please contact us  HERE,  if you are not clear about anything, and/or if you have any comments.

Access to The Stables  (our Church Hall)

A path from the drive and a short ramp leads to the patio in front of The Stables.
The floor on the inside is on the same level as the outside patio. 
There are no steps to negotiate, so entry by wheelchair is straight-forward.
All doors are wide enough for wheelchair users to go through.