What we believe

Our conviction is that about 2000 years ago, God made his presence felt on planet earth by sending his Son – known as Jesus of Nazareth – who walked in God’s ways and taught God’s truth.  But Jesus didn’t just pop by for no reason – his mission was to die on the cross.  To us that may sound like a strange reason for coming to earth – but for Jesus this was the ultimate expression of his love for us.  Because when he died, he was actually dying in our place.  It was like a cosmic substitution.  Jesus died for our sins, so that when we die our sins are no longer counted against us.  And so for those who follow Jesus, they can look forward to meeting God with a clean slate, and know they will receive a warm welcome into his heavenly domain.

But Jesus didn’t just die....
In an incredible twist, Jesus was then raised to life again, and now reigns with God in heaven.  Today He calls us all to know him and follow Him.  A Christian is simply someone who believes and trusts in Jesus' love and in His death for them, and dedicates their life back to God in gratitude.  It means that they enjoy their new life of faith with a new heavenly Father and a new family, which is other Christians, often called The Church.

So we seek to worship the one true Godwho created us, loves us, and saves us.  We care for one another, and enjoy each others friendship.  We want to know God better, so we listen to what He has said to us in the Bible and let Him shape our lives by his Holy Spirit.  We recognise our calling to serve God in this His world.  And we’re keen to reach out with God’s love, sharing the wonderful news that God Himself invites every one of us to know Him and be with Him in heaven forever.

If you’d like to find out more, why not come and join us one Sunday, or contact one of the Staff and Leadership team.