Staff and Leadership

Please find below an introduction to our church leaders and staff members.
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Currently we are in a vacancy and therefore we are without a Rector.  Please contact another member of the team if you have any questions.
If you would like someone to talk to please see "
Pastoral Care and Support" below or click here.
Assistant Minister

Imtiaz also works for Release International, which helps persecuted Christians. 
Please see "
Organisations we support" for more information.
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Crawford Burden
Chair of our PCC and Church Warden
07789 170275


Jane Emler
Church Warden
01892 532233

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Ed Pascoe
Youth and Children's Coordinator


General Administration matters
01892 752261

NB.  The office is not staffed every day.   
Messages sent by email or left on the phone will be picked up periodically and receive attention as soon as possible.


Parochial Church Council

The Members of the Parochial Church Council
elected on 24th April 2019

for the Parish of Frant with Eridge

Ex Officio members

Incumbent:      Vacant - Chairman
Curate:            Revd Imtiaz Trask
Reader:            Mr Roy Goodship
Reader:            Mrs Lesley Lynn


Mr Crawford Burden (Frant) Vice Chairman
Mrs Jane Emler (Frant)
Mr Stephen Barnes (Eridge)
Mr Jonathan Lynn (Eridge)



Mrs Susan Vincer (2019-2022) Secretary
Mr Jeremy Halmshaw (2019-2022) Treasurer
Mrs Helen Carpenter (Deputy Church Warden Frant) (2019-2022)
Mr Nick Jones (Deputy Church Warden Frant) (2019-2022)
Mrs Rosemary Froud (2108-2021)
Mr Roy Buchanan (2108-2021)
Mr David Torr (2108-2021)


Mrs Gail Cooper (2018-2021)
Mr Andrew Best (2018-2021)
Mr Christopher Hall (2019-2022)

Representatives to Deanery Synod

Mrs Anne Pybus (2017-2020) (Frant)
Mrs Ann Huggett (2017-2020) (Frant)
Mrs Susanna Hall (2018-2020) (Eridge)


Pastoral Care and Support

Caring pastorally for people is an important part of the life of St Alban’s Church.  
As a church, we believe that everyone is within the love of God.

We aim to provide loving and practical pastoral care for every member of our church family
and across our community.

At times we all encounter struggles in life or have to face some crisis that is difficult to cope with. 
If you are facing one of these times and would like someone to talk to about it then please contact either Roy Buchanan (01892 750791) or Brian Gill (01892 750266). 
You can rest assured that your conversation with Roy or Brian will be handled with sensitivity and in total confidence.

 NB.  Please do say if you would prefer to have your conversation with one of our ladies. 
            Roy or Brian can arrange that for you. 


You can find further information on our Contact Us page.