Small Groups

Small groups are exactly that, a smallish group of people who want to know more about Chrisitianity.  Most of the groups meet in the homes of church members, to pray together, discuss a passage from the Bible, enjoy light refreshments and to develop great friendships. 
You don't have to know all the answers - you don't even have to know the Bible well. 
You just need a desire to want to know more.

We have small groups located in and around Frant and all you have to do to join is talk to us.
We can put you in touch with the small group leader who will be more than happy to let you have details of the meeting(s).
So, if you are interested, or wish to ask any questions about the groups, please contact us or one of the people listed below. 
We will be very pleased to hear from you.

We have small groups to suit all, including:
  • Small Home Groups
  • At present we have 4 Home Groups meeting on a regular basis. 

1.  Women's Bible Study, every other Monday morning, 
      starting at 9:30 am in The Stables.

      Actual dates: 13 & 27 Jan, 10 & 24 Feb, 9 & 23 Mar.
Newcomers very welcome.
      Don’t worry if you can’t make every week - come when you can.
      The book we are studying is:
      "These 3 things”, finding your security, self-worth, signifcance,  by Mick Brooks.

       Contact Philippa Mumford  ( 07729 814 879 
                    or email: ) 
       if you have any queries.  
           2.  Monday mornings, meeting in Frant, starting at 10:00 am
                 Contact Ed Pascoe ( 07450 097886 ) to confirm arrangements
                   and to find out more details.
           3.  Tuesday afternoons, meeting in Frant, every other week, starting at 2:30 pm
Contact Maureen Powell ( 01892 752209 ) or Jane Emler (01892 532233)
                  for further details and dates of meeting.
           4.  Wednesday afternoons, meeting in the Broadwater Down area
                 of Tunbridge Wells, every week, starting at 2:30 pm
                 Contact Jane Emler ( 01892 532233 ) for further details. 
  • Prayer Groups 
          1.  A small group meets after the church service on Sunday mornings in the children's
               chapel.  They pray for the people who have asked for prayer through our prayer box.
          2.  A small group of people meets in the church on Wednesday mornings, starting at
               10:00 am, and lasting for about 45 minutes or so.  Our time together usually includes
                a short Bible Study and a time of prayer. 
                During the lockdown because of the Coronavirus pandemic, we are continuing with our
                Bible Studies by receiving emails each week.  If you are interested in joining this, please
                contact Roy Buchanan,  Tel. No. 01892 750791, 

                We pray for the life of the church, people we know who need support through a difficult
                time or for specific situations either at home or overseas. 
                We also offer prayers of thanksgiving as and when we enjoy good things in our lives and
                in the lives of those around us !
                Once a month this time of prayer and fellowship becomes a traditional Communion
                Service in accordance with the Book of Common Prayer.
          3.  Also once a month, usually 
on the Monday following the Family Service, there is
               a Prayer Meeting at 8:00pm in The Stables Flat
,  Church Lane,  Frant  TN3 9DX. 
               This is open to everyone.  
               Contact Julie Pascoe ( 07850 091428 ) for further details and dates of meetings.