Sermons preached in St Alban's Church, Frant 


Our Rector, Revd. Brendan Martin, preached a series of sermons about the early Church, based on scripture passages from the Book of The Acts of the Apostles.

In December, Brendan began a series for Advent, as we turn our thoughts towards Christmas and the coming of Jesus into the world.

If you have not been in church on Sunday mornings to hear any of these sermons - or would like to listen to them again, don’t despair !!
The sermons have been recorded and are available for you to listen to online.

Please click on the title of the sermon of your choice.


December 8
th 2019         Matthew 3 : 1 - 12    How we get ready for Jesus  

What we learn from the early church

November 24th
 2019       Acts 6 : 1 - 7            
How should the church be led?   

November 17th 2019       Acts 5 : 17 - 42         Will we obey God?
                                                                           - or will we give in to peer pressure?   

October 27th 2019              Acts 4 : 1 - 22                 Doing something scary for Jesus

October 20th 2019              Acts 3 : 1 - 26                 People of word and of works

October 13th 2019              Acts 2 : 42 - 47              A glimpse, a taste, of heaven